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Adelaide StrataVal About  Strata Corporation Insurance Property Valuers Adelaide

About Us

StrataVal Replacement Cost Valuers

Adelaide StrataVal is locally based valuation firm that solely provides insurance valuations for Strata Corporations and Community Corporations in both metro Adelaide and Regional South Australia.

Managing Director and Senior Certified Property Valuer Paul De Gilio has brought together real-world building insurance experience supported by industry recognised quantity surveying and new artificial intelligence technology.

What does this mean for our clients?

With our own proprietary system, we are able to provide our clients with leading edge insurance assessments every year at no additional cost.

Unlike other firms that provide a single point in time valuation, StrataVal can provide an updated insurance valuation at any time once the original valuation has been completed.

Furthermore, you will be quietly pleased to receive an annual valuation report 1 week prior to the annual strata corporation meeting.

Located in Adelaide we truly believe that StrataVal is the leading valuation firm for Strata Managers and Strata Corporations.

Strata Corporation Insurance Property Valuers Adelaide
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

With StrataVal all the questions are eliminated.


Year 1 – Full Inspection Valuation Report – Standard Fee

Years 2 to 5 – Updated valuation reports that takes into consideration the change in labour and material costs since the original valuation report was completed – No Fee

Intra Year – If at anytime throughout any year an updated value is required, our AI system will be able to process a new value based on the changing cost of labour and materials.

Valuation reports on call and on hand when and where you need them….


All our reports are delivered to the strata manager or strata corporation 1 week prior to the annual general meeting for 5 years.


If your strata corporation is not ready for a full inspection valuation to be completed this year but still wish to get free annual updates, then send us the the last valuation carried out any other valuation firm and our AI system we will update it at no cost.


Our proprietary system has been designed to support strata managers and strata corporations.  Single date valuation reports are obsolete within 3 months which is why StrataVals ongoing annual reports are a must for all smart strata managers and corporations.


To avoid breaching legal obligations, it is prudent for the Strata Corporation to obtain a Professional Building Valuation, ensuring adequate Strata Insurance sums insured are noted on the insurance schedule.

Our Core Values


Strata Corporation Insurance Property Valuers Adelaide


Strata Corporation Insurance Property Valuers Adelaide


Strata Corporation Insurance Property Valuers Adelaide
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